Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Raw Brownies

Raw Brownies
Not my recipe, just how I do it.
2 Servings

2oz Walnuts
4oz Dates
1Tbsp Cocoa Powder (heaping)

-In the food processor chop up the walnuts finely then set aside. Chop up the dates and add in the walnuts and cocoa powder. Process about 15 seconds until combined and mixture looks crumbly.

- I form the mix into balls, but they could be pressed into a dish or pan too. Since the mix can get a little warm in the food processor I like to refridgerate them until they're cold.


Nelliejean said...

wow, making them in smaller batches is genuis! :)

thebeans said...

I LOVED this. They taste exactly like raw brownie dough. Hit the spot beautifully. Thanks!

twiddles said...

those look great. I don't know if you use this blog anymore, but I really like all the recipes you've listed; I'll definitely have to try some of them out! :)

First Mag said...

Hey Nicole --

I'm trying to find some way of contacting you but can't find a contact. I'm a writer with First Magazine and we're looking to feature women who have lost weight on the "Eat to Live" plan. Your blog looked like the perfect kind of story. Can you get in touch?